Friday, November 14, 2008

Connecting to Gratitude Through Rituals with guidance from Natalie Maisel and

I find one of the best ways for me to reconnect to gratitude in my life, is to slow down and get deeply in touch my natural surroundings, and the cycles inherent in the Natural World.

I have always loved the lunar cycles. It is comforting to me to look up to the sky, see the moon shining down in whatever phase it maybe, and think of the ancient meanings ascribed to each of it's transformations.

Recently, I discovered Lunar Rituals from yoga and Wicca teacher, Natalie Maisel, that have really deepened my relationship to this endless cycle. Each of her audio downloads takes you through a ritual that allows you to connect to the spirit of a particular lunar phase, and the energy and powerful opportunity for transformation that it offers.

Natalie offers four moon rituals on her site,, each containing a grounding meditation, elemental invocations, circle casting, lore, guided meditation and ritual.

New Moon
for manifesting your heart's desires

Full Moon
for receiving insight and healing

Waning (Crone) Moon
for releasing and banishing

Dark Moon
for breaking habits and addictions

These rituals are not only for those interested in Wicca, or Nature based religions, they are wonderfully accessible to individuals of any faith who simply want a way to focus their intentions, and attention, in their lives.

Natalie Maisel also facilitates yoga and goddess workshops around the world. You can contact her directly at

And check out Fox's Notebook, her blog at

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