Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Fear and Freedom

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To live with the conscious knowledge of the shadow of uncertainty, with the knowledge that disaster or tragedy could strike at any time; to be afraid and to know and acknowledge your fear, and still to live creatively and with unstinting love: that is to live with grace.

--Peter Henry Abrahams, The View From Coyaba

Wow, this brought tears to my eyes. I love the line, "to be afraid...." You know, this is the point isn't it? As human beings we can not usually completely conquer our fear, but to be able to sit with it, to hold space within a quivering heart for courage and perseverance is truly what makes us the exceptional creatures that we are. To live with a boundless, loving heart in the midst of uncertainty and fear is the definition of courage; it is the definition of Freedom.
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Anonymous said...

Laying our fear aside is really the only true path to freedom. Thank you for this post.