Friday, August 19, 2011

Sunbeams by Hafiz



all this time

the sun never says to the earth

"you owe me"

look what happens

with a love like that --

it lights the whole


— Sunbeams, Hafiz


Smitty said...

Love this choice of poet and mystic. Thank you! said...

Am also conducting my own lil experiment.
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The Happy Hag said...

I truly enjoyed this poem and would just like to thank you for sharing it! I'll be adding it to my journal today :)

Cathy Ginter said...

One of my favorite poems by Hafiz... he invites us to open our our hearts to God in pure devotion and Love ~

Klara Darling-Swann said...

Let us all be new, each moment new, and SHINE like the sun xxx
Thank you

Kinsey Whearty said...

I love your blog! Please check out my blogpost from today!

Gratitude Journal said...

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