Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Anjali Mudra a Yoga Mudra of Gratitude

The yoga sage Patanjali with hands in Anjali Mudra.

Martha Graham said, "The body never lies."

Placing the hands in Anjali Mudra, sometimes known in yoga classes as placing hands in "Namaste", or prayer position, is an elegant and humble expression of gratitude, prayer, reverance, and respect. A large portion of the world greets each other by placing the hands in this position and bowing in acknowledgement and respect for the other person.

There can be no mistake in the body language of this sacred mudra. In it's silent wisdom it says, "I honor the divine in you, as I honor it in myself, we are all one in spirit."

How I would have liked to have seen the debates between Barack Obama and John McCain tonight begin and ended with this gesture; and in between to have seen their bodies never lie, never waver from that truth of the non-dual.

The word Mudra in Sanskrit means "seal", and so in placing our hands together in this way we make an agreement with ourselves and others; we "seal the deal" so to speak, promising to honor, to proceed with peace.

In your practice of gratitude today, pause and place your hands gently in Anjali Mudra in front of your heart. Breath a few deep breaths and honor yourself, and the wonderous gift that is your life, with a moment of gratitude.

Namaste- Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti...Om Peace, Peace, Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful. Namaste!

Anonymous said...

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