Saturday, October 11, 2008

Grateful for Technology

Skype LimitedImage via WikipediaI am grateful for technology, and in particular SKYPE! Because of it I have been able to talk to my fiance Mike over the internet, this whole week that he has been in Germany, for FREE!

Ain't technology great??

We use this in my family to keep up with each other, and so that we can see all the new cute babies we have going on. It makes the miles between seem shorter.

Check Skype out, it is a great tool for lots of things.

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Kate said...

I also am grateful for technology, Teal Chimblo. It's just awesome! It's changed my life! Not just personally, but professionally -- I work in a library, and technology is *everything* to library workers and patrons.

And Skype... I don't use it myself, but I know all my peeps with family far away couldn't live without it.

If there was a church for technology, I'd probably go to it.

candy1217 said...

Agree that Skype is great - my best friend just moved to Germany and we are loving the skype thing.

Another company we're trying out right now is Jaxtr.... which apparently is like skype but lets you dial via your cell phone? We've just signed up, hopefully all will work!