Saturday, October 18, 2008

Grateful for 15 Days and Counting

Only 15 days until my wedding. And for this I am truly grateful.

In large part because I am grateful because I get to marry my wonderful Michael. We have such a joy-filled life together. He makes it easy to be grateful for everything, and to forget the sorrows of the past. Here are some pics from our adventures, in the Emerald Gorge, China; and snowmobiling in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

I am also grateful because creating a wedding is a lot of work! You know, I had heard this many times, but our wedding is so small, only 26 people...including us! How could it be so much work?!

I have had to pause many times during the rush and whirl of planning, and just rest in a few minutes of silence and deep breathing. What I find there is always the same; the touch my soul has waited for this whole life, rich and alive, and unbelievably mine. And then I can go back to resting in calm...

at least for a few minutes:-)

15 days!!!

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Anonymous said...

I hope your wedding is a wonderful celebration! :)

Kate said...

I'm grateful that two wonderful people have found each other!

Teal Marie Chimblo said...

And we are grateful for you Kate...since you introduced us and all:-)

Lee said...

Sounds like you've got a wonderful life partner!

You're smart to pause the planning now and again to enjoy the moment! Try and do that on your wedding day too.

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